#3d-movie New "Dawn of the Atomic Beast" YouTube 3D video #3d-movie

Wm Turner

While investigating a secret atomic research facility, a journalist becomes the victim of a horrific bio-genetic experiment. Filmed in TERRORVISION 3-D the most frightening and hyper realistic 3-D you've ever seen!

The movie was uploaded to YouTube as half sbs and injected with the 3D metadata. On the YouTube phone app and Google chrome it'll show as an anaglyph movie. You can also use it with Google Cardboard VR on the YouTube phone app. You can watch it on your 3D TV on the YouTube app (you may have to turn the 3D on with your remote) And it can also be viewed in the Oculus Go & Quest (1 & 2) VR headsets on the YouTube VR app you can search for "Dawn of the Atomic Beast" and find it while your immersed. I also tested it in Firefox Reality on a headset, it works but you have to turn the 3D on by clicking the white glasses.

If you like cheesy fun 3D movies then this is for you!