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George ~

Attached anotated description of my wireless dual camera synchronized
hyper stereo system that sends the sync signal to the other camera via
RF (radio frequency). Also attached, a hyper stereo shot done with
this rig. Essentially a genlock system with the sync signal sent by

On 6/16/21, George Themelis <gathemelis@gmail.com> wrote:
Yes, some images were printed darker than normal, but especially John Hart’s
Featured 3D pictures, so we decided to offer this article for download. The
direct link is below. Every issue has its own page, for issue 122 the page


(and John’s article has the link for download there)

I have not received 124 yet either, but I have heard from members in Europe
who have received it.

I am now finishing issue 125. This is a special issue on Hyperestereos. I
have a received a lot of contributions (articles and pictures for the 3D
Gallery) so I will continue the hyperstereo topic in the next issue too.

If you have not sent me your Hyperestereo images and related material, it is
not too late to do it now!


George Themelis

Stereoscopy Editor

From: Alexander Klein
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Subject: Re: [Photo-3d] ISU Issue 122 download?

Dear Robert,

the pdf can be downloaded at https://isu3d.org/Hummingbirds-by-John-Hart.pdf

Issue 124 has been mailed - and should have started to reach some members
(at this stage mostly in Europe). Have not heard any feedback from members
yet ...

Best regards,

Alexander Klein
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Am 16.06.2021 13:32, schrieb robert mcafee via groups.io:

There is a note in ISU issue 123 that images in issue 122 printed dark and
therefore the issue was made available for download by members. I was not
able to locate the download link. Can anyone direct me to it?

Also I had not received issue 124 (last issue of 2020) but I see that
issue was delayed and was just mailed in May. Hope to see mine soon

John A. Rupkalvis

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