Using hashtags in photo-3d posts #offTopic #hashtags


Bill Costa wrote a great summary on the use of hashtags (reprinted below) 
Currently included are #theory, #historical, #lenticular, #howto, #SPM, #vrheadset and many more
Please consider using them when posting on photo-3d

On Tue, Dec 3, 2019 at 09:22 AM, Bill Costa wrote:
This would be a good time to mention the tagging feature of
Groups.IO. You can put a hash tag in the subject line, like

Subject: #softwareDev homologous point alignment


Subject: homologous point alignment #softwareDev

You can simply enter the tag yourself using your own favorite
email client, or if you are using the Groups.IO web site to
compose your message, there is a button for adding tags.

Groups.IO keeps track of all the tags used (or defined ahead of
time) for a given list. You can see the current set of tags for
this list here:

Tagging a subject adds several benefit, including:

1) Allows people to go to the hashtag page and by clicking on the
tag, see all threads identified as that topic.

2) For topics that are not of interest, like stereographic
software development, individual subscribers can "mute"
subjects that have that hashtag.

The existing #software tag is for discussion about using existing
software to process, manage, and display 3D images. That would
involve most of us. But a new #softwareDev tag has been created
for talking about the creation and development of such software.

One last note -- you can make up new hashtags on the fly, just
enter it in the subject line. But please check the list of
existing tags first to see if there is already a tag that covers
the topic. You can also use more than one tag. For example:

Subject: Experience with the new Sony XXP1 camera #review #twinrig

Tagging looks like it will be a useful feature for this list and
and has the potential to reduce the need for creating sub-lists
for topics of more narrow interests.