Google Earth stereo 3D tours from gpx files #howto

David Sykes

I (normally) spend a lot of time in Snowdonia walking and wild camping.
I often record the route,load the gpx data into Google Earth Pro and play-back the route in non-stereo 3D and record as a movie.
That is played-back with my Home Cinema projector while I lie on the bed and eat popcorn (no oil or sugar!).
Needless to say, I would like to create a second rendering of the exact route except for the virtual camera being moved to the right by a defined distance.
Anyone know how to do this, I think someone mentioned it fairly recently ?
It seems Google Earth VR for Oculus and other devices can do this in real time but I don't think you can save as left/right movies (or use a route from a gpx file).