I really enjoy looking at BRIAN MAY’S, book on the DIABLERIE tissues.

I much appreciate all the great views & information on them.

I’ve collected about 20 or so views myself, quite fanastating.


But I am wondering if anyone has compiled a listing & photos,

Of other tissue views, especially the “surprise” issues.

I have compiled a small collection (150) of hand-colored, pin-pricked,

Colored lights, & surprise balloons, ships, clouds, moons, buildings

& ships on fire, old steam trains, lanterns, etc. Plus a couple of

Complete boxed sets (La Biche Au Bois & La Vie de Jesus).

It would be nice is someone has, or has started a listing of such views

(with pictures).

Or if such views are listed and published already.

I’d like to see a book like Brian May’s compiled with surprise views,

Information & pictures.





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