Rokit 3D Photo Loop Demo App #software #android

Andy Modla

I have been writing code for an Android demo prototype app that displays 3D photos in a loop on the glasses free Rokit 3D Pro phone. It's my digital version of an experimental 3D reel (aka View Master) for distributing photos in a collection. The app displays nine 3D photos using the volume up button to select the next photo in the loop.

The volume down button will toggle photo zoom at 1X, 2X, and 4X magnification. At any magnification you can move the photo with your finger to see portions of large images.

The photos range in size (w x h) from 751x847  to 3988x1431 and max 7680x4320 (8K) per eye photo, and are stored as left and right pairs internally, as there is no internet access from the app. Note that at 4X magnification some photos give me eye strain, so beware. I have not added parallax to correct this automatically. 

I noticed at the built-in 3D gallery app will scale large photos when read from storage and lose display resolution. My app shows the original photo without any scaling up to 8K. Viewing larger than 8K per eye photos may result in the app experiencing an out of memory condition. I shot the 8K photos with a Nikon Z7 using L/R eye sequential capture. All photos were aligned with Stereo Photo Maker (thank you Masuji Suto)

I'm interested in your comments about this distribution method.
You can try the signed app stored at:

Andy Modla