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New member Nima mentioned...

I recently got Snapchat's new 3D Spectacles! They shoot 3D
photos and videos in a novel format, with a lot of cool
software tools that come with it as well.  Has anyone else in
the group experimented with them yet?
For those not familiar with this device...

When these were announced, I took a long hard look at them. I
was very much tempted to get a pair but decided to wait and see,
or even snag a used pair at a discount on eBay.

I'd like to hear more about how well they work, especially from
someone who has a lot of 3D imaging experience.

Just wish they were a little more stealthy.



The most stealthy ones are the Generation 2.5 Niko model, which honestly do look just like a normal pair of sunglasses.  But of course, they don't shoot 3D.

The Spectacles 3 do though, and the black model look a lot less ostentatious then you'd think.  The copper-esque one however is a major fingerprint magnet and stands out A LOT.  I look very dumb wearing them in a t-shirt and jeans.  They only look normal if I'm dressed in a fashionable outfit, which for someone who works in tech isn't always reasonable to expect of me :P

They're very fun to play with and add "3D effects" to, but they're focused around sharing within the SnapChat app.  That includes creating wiggle-GIFs from your pictures, adding the 3D animated lenses to your videos, etc.

When exported, you're getting a VR180 video(3 second for photos, whatever length for videos), and though they seem to look great for cross-eye view and with a VR viewer or stereoscope, I've found that editing and doing auto-conversion on them is very, very difficult due to the round edges of the videos.  They come out looking like ass in RED Player on Hydrogen, for example.  I'm looking at ways to extract a clean rectilinear 16:9 slice from the middle.  If I can, maybe using FFMPEG, then I'll share it with all of you so it can be a fantastic large-baseline 3D camera for us all to use.  Until then, I recommend you don't buy unless you're a SnapChat fan or have a need for a POV camera for other purposes(for example, I use it to record motorcycle rides, skateboarding, snowboarding, etc.).


The hyper stereo base stops me from purchasing one.
Why didn't they place the cameras directly above the eyes?


Why didn't they place the cameras directly above the eyes?
I would guess for a variety of reasons:

  • To match their original models
  • People have a wide variety of IPD's, there's no way to have it always be above everyone's eyes
  • It would look stupid(er than it already does)
But most importantly, stereoscopic 3D isn't the primary feature, in fact, it's one of the least important features to them.  The most important features are 3D Snaps(which are animations with occlusion) and generating wiggle GIFs.  A wide camera baseline allows for more disparity which makes it easier for them to compute the disparity between the images.


Well, "hyper stereo" is certainly a relative term, but IMO, the 4 inch stereo base of the 3D Spectacles 3 is waaaaay too hyper for me. I just ordered this smartphone head mount that I hope will work with the Fujifilm W3 and the CAP 4K 3D camera:


Are you mainly interested in taking video or stills with the headband mounted camera?

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3D videos. I have three 3D cameras with a decent stereo base that shoot video, and I'm hoping they will work with my new head mount. Based on a test I did yesterday, the head actually makes a good stabilizer, at least when standing or sitting. But will it work as well when riding a bicycle or jumping on a pogo stick?
BTW, 3D stills don't normally require camera stabilization.