Re: Just got my Looking Glass Portrait - a couple of questions

robert mcafee

What resolution output of graphics card is required?  

On Monday, September 13, 2021, 4:20 PM, Barrie Reynolds <barrie@...> wrote:

On Thursday 9 Sept 2021 KenK wrote:
LGF has a troubleshooting document describing workarounds for syncing LGP to computer in 2 cases, one without USB and one without HDMI. Link is here

Many thanks for that Ken. I have reached the end of my attempts to configure the LGP as a live connected computer display, and Brian at LKG today confirmed for me that I will never get there with my computer which cannot support greater than 1600 x 900 display.  I am therefore going to proceed on the 'workaround' which does seem feasible since I can access the LKP files, and can run Holoplay Studio, and the unit runs well in standalone mode.

I  had hoped to find some guidance on their Discord server but that access seems to be permanently blocked for me, as in "your invitation has expired" , I have no idea how to get round that. Hopefully the documented workaround is sufficient anyway.

So - my thanks for posting that, I wish I had been aware of the limitation right at the beginning, but that was not something I was expecting and did not check.

Barrie Reynolds

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