Re: Just got my Looking Glass Portrait - a couple of questions

Michael Levine

I have a 2 HDMI port graphics card in my PC and they are used for a 2d and passive 3d monitor.

When I got the LGP I decided to repurpose an old 3 port HDMI switch to enable the passive monitor to alternate with the LGP by switching.

Unfortunately the LGP does not play nicely with the configuration and whilst I can work with it, I lose the task bar and some other features on my 2D unswitched monitor.

So I thought I would try to connect the LGP to the PC via USB direct to USB for the power and also via HDMI to USB for the HDMI (thus avoiding the switch).

Before I buy an HDMI to USB cable anyone been successful with the HDMI over USB C for the LGP or got any thoughts about the likelihood of the "double" USB connection working?

On Fri, Sep 10, 2021 at 2:57 AM Dorothée H. <stereodoro@...> wrote:
Thank you Ken, I will retry later today (at work) but I did what is mentioned on discord. I will try again.
I tried all my USB-A plugs, even with the one that has a little electric symbol thinking it's the only one with power.
And yes I did plug the HDMI to HDMI and the USB-C with HDMI on one end or USB-A at the same time.
I will let you know later.
What I don't understand is how come I cannot even open the Holo Play app, it should open even though the LKG is plugged in or not, isn't it?
Thank you all

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