Re: Stereopix or Stereopix Rooms on the Lume Pad ?


Has anyone had any success with displaying Stereopix Rooms on the Lume Pad?
Nima or Jack D, any ideas?

I have no idea how this device works, and how it can interpret such content.

In the WebXR mode, it is the browser which takes control of the (stereoscopic) camera in the 3D world created in the viewer, in particular to control its position, orientation, and focal length, and the way it is displayed. I will add sliders to control the size of the image and other aspects when I can.
Chrome has a kind of plugin which takes control for a VR G.Carboard headset, and it is probably what you installed.
If Leia had a similar plugin, or its own browser that supports WebXR, it could have worked, but without that the site has no possibility to display its images with this device.

If you can convert the parallel view live, it could work too, but here again, the problem is not in the side of the site.


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