Re: French Restaurant


> I've never seen that before done on a table. I saw one projection on the Amiens cathedral years ago, is it the same technology?

It's the same technology.  It's just a matter of mapping the surface on which you wish to project.  But I have to admit the way they did this in the restaurant is particularly inventive.  However I am left to wonder how it looks like in real life.  When we watch the clip, the 3D illusion works because we are aware we are watching the perspective effects in 2D.  However in the restaurant, our eyes see our surroundings in 3D, yet the projection on the table - of what looks like 3D objects - is actually in 2D so it might look flatter than it does in the clip.  If you look attentively, the scenes are carefully drawn so the perspective is correct for each of the attendants.  When the camera shoots from another angle, you can see strong perspective distortion.  This is very obvious when the camera backs up to show all four people at the dinning table.

Nonetheless, if I lived in the area, I definitely would want to go to that restaurant to see that presentation.  And that is certainly what the restaurant owners had in mind !!! ;-)


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