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Dan Vint

Not online or VR, but the movie on the cave paintings cave me a new appreciation of the Neanderthal art work as it showed the dimensionality of the wall and the way the form was incorporated.

Not stereo but online, I think Google has a walkthru of Petra which allowed you to walk in thru the slot canyons and then see the structures as you come out. It allowed you to walk up the stars and turn around and look back. So not the standard static images from the same location.

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Date: 7/29/21 7:19 AM (GMT-08:00)
Subject: [Photo-3d] Stereoscopic VR for documentation or remote presentation of interior spaces (online)? #futureOf3D #VR3D

Does anyone know of any examples online, of a museum space (or any kind of space) being stereo-photographically documented/presented via Virtual Reality format imagery?  I would like to pitch VR technology to a possible local client, for documentation and remote presentation of historical spaces, where stereoscopic photographic imagery would be especially appropriate.

My pitch should start with 1. finding some extant examples of this having been done, if it has been done.
Then I need to propose a technical solution to achieving this goal, but that will be difficult if 1. cannot be found.

I need to emphasize that the imagery would be acquired photographically, not via 3d model creation.  Photogrammetry -> photorealistic 3d model creation is a possible solution, if a purely photographic solution cannot be found.

Many thanks for any tips.


Contemporary work in the Stereoscopic Arts:

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