Re: No glasses 3D Video Billboard in Tokyo entertains the public.


Mr. Clement said: :But at 100 ft depth perception is fairly much gone."
False!  At 100 ft.  depth perception is NOT at all gone:

Haha. Except that this system has a slightly bigger base than human vision, several hundreds of billions times larger at least.
Maybe an image taken by it would have been more illustrative:
Note that the base of this system pair was variable and quickly became too large to look at the images with our eyes. Now we lost the communication with one of the two spacecrafts, so we do not see the Sun in synced 3D anymore.

By the way, if you were serious, the disparity effect does not stop with distance for sure, but the perception of our eyes has a limit when it becomes small with distance.

Anyway, this is a 2D (curved display) animation, as clearly showed in the originally linked video:

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