Re: 3D-Con 2021 ‘3D on Social Media’ Special Interest Group #futureOf3D


On 30/06/2021 23:53, Stephen Wong wrote:
experimenting with CSS to create dynamic layouts to accommodate this.

I have a special interest in this area.  I shoot artistic nude 3-D photos, which gets me into a ton of trouble when I post them on social media (I loathe censorship), so I started a personal gallery to avoid violating community guidelines.

Hi Stephen,

some good pics.  I especially like your headline pic (warning nudity): Image N03 - Stereo 3-D Photography by Stephen Wong (  But unfortunately it also has significant alignment issues, easiest to see in anaglyph.  It would look better aligned in SPM.

This one's a cool shot too: Image N02 - Stereo 3-D Photography by Stephen Wong (  I think it would benefit from a little more deviation though, to make the play on depth shapes pop more.  At least that's how it looks on my 24" monitor.

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