Re: base-to-base mounting for Sony RX-100 #twinrig #sony3drigs


I don't want to sound too scientific on an artistic subject but compared to 2D photography 3D photography requires the knowledge of some basic notions.

What I originally tried to comment on was based on the following scenario:

A photographer wants to shoot a 3D photograph of a certain scenery with a horizontally mounted rig and she/he finds out that the minimum stereo base permitted because of the physical dimensions of the cameras is too large considering the position of the nearest and furthest objects.

To counter this problem she/he decides to mount the cameras vertically, because with vertical orientation the stereo base is reduced to the value required by the positions of the objects and the chosen focal length.

I interfere here and say that reducing the stereo base this way does not solve the problem, because the magnification in the equation has also increased because of the decrease in the image width.

I am not advocating here that 3D shooters should limit themselves with strict formulas, but in the above mentioned particular case we are talking about a technical matter that is defined by  stereoscopic rules. Since the desire to seek a smaller base is a technical matter I have commented on the technical side of the subject. 

If a photographer choses to shoot from the ground level, or tries different perspectives or crops part of the image or prefers portrait format with different bases or focal lengths is something that concerns the photographers choices and practices, upon which I find no right in myself to even comment on such choices, styles and practices.


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