Re: base-to-base mounting for Sony RX-100 #twinrig #sony3drigs


On Thu, Jun 17, 2021 at 08:31 PM, George Themelis wrote:

By the way, cropping and enlarging does not necessarily increase the deviation. This is the case if the distances to the near and far objects do not change. If cropping removes the near object, then you have a different situation. It is possible that the deviation does not change if you do that.



Presumably the cameras were mounted vertically base to base to decrease the lens separation, because there was a near object that otherwise would have created a problem with the targeted deviation.

A careful stereo photographer who changes the orientation of his cameras due to some stereoscopic concerns would not include into the frame any object  closer than the previously intended,  so that later she/he doesn't need to crop the bottom.

What happens in reality, say with a 3:2 proportion sensor is -compared to the horizontal configuration - you'll have to set the new near object distance 1.5 times further away if you keep the same separation.

If you have reduced the separation by mounting both cameras vertically, your new near object distance will be almost the same (depending how close you could bring the cameras together) as you were using the pair in horizontal configuration, provided that you want to keep the sama deviation value for your viewing preferences.

So, mounting cameras vertically and closer does not solve the problem resulting from including closer objects.
The advantage in the case of mounting cameras vertically would be, when the scene or the objects require a portrait orientation view.


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