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John Clement

Cropping does make changes in the image, which is also significant.  A cropped image has an effect the same as a zoom.  The far points are more widely separated on your display device, assuming there is no adjustment of the R/L alignment.  The cheap way to make a miniature look full size is to take it from a distance and then crop, or zoom in.  It of course is not quite right, but it is much easier than using a slide bar to have effective lens separation smaller than normal with the camera close to the object.  No matter how you do it, the results will look different depending on the display devices sizes.


John M. Clement


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I understand the math that says the stereo base can be calculated as a function of focal length, deviation, object distance, etc. (Ferwerda page 238; Waack page 68), but how does that actually relate to the stereo image?  Can someone help me understand this?  I must be missing something.  Cropping clearly doesn't change the original camera locations, which I thought were the endpoints of the actual stereo base.  So are we calculating an "effective stereo base"?  If so, what does it mean and how does it affect the stereo image?  Thanks.

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