Re: Fujifilm W3 not functioning

robert mcafee

Someone in the NY club stated they had a failed W3 they sent back for repair and Fuji just sent the a new (or refurbished) camera. 

Recently there was a W3 for sale for parts (not working). I contacted Fuji USA service to see if they work service or had replacements. In USA service or replacement is no longer available (at least according to the service person with whom I spoke)

On Wednesday, June 16, 2021, 3:51 PM, Oktay via <akdens2@...> wrote:

I'll try the Fujifilm Service first.
If they are unable to repair it or the repair cost is more than a used camera , I will buy a second hand W3.

In spite of it's mediocre image quality especially in low light, I use this pocketable camera frequently because its very practical and useful.


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