Re: Fujifilm W3 not functioning

robert mcafee

Someone had posted in past that Fuji has some plastic pins that zoom the lenses and these pins are soft, they wear, and may sometimes stick. This may explain why one of the pair of images is sometimes not well focused. 

My guess is the lenses zoom in and out at power up as a functional check and one of yours is not moving. But I have no data to support this. 

I will say that if you purchase a replacement then keep or sell the defective one for parts. The autostereoscopic display alone should have value to someone with a failed display and it may not be too difficult to change out.  I remember seeing new original W3 displays on eBay for $50 or less. Last time I saw one it was listed for $300 and did eventually sell. 

On Tuesday, June 15, 2021, 3:36 PM, Oktay via <akdens2@...> wrote:

When I turn on my W3 the following message is displayed on the screen:


Turning on and off brings the same message again and again.  A slight and short  bzzzz  sound is also heard during turning on and off.
Did anyone encounter the same problem with the W3?


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