Re: 3d-printed stereoscope update

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[The] second-generation viewer (Cinera Edge - still not released) uses a much smaller high resolution display but I have no idea where they get these.

Creation and commodification of micro displays has been driven by the need for electronic view-finders (EVF) for mirrorless cameras, and head mounted displays for VR.  These displays are readily available from Sony and no doubt other companies.  The problem of course is that serious electronics design and development is required to drive these displays not to mention the optical design challenges.  This is a very tough lift for an individual developer or hobbyist.  I think a product space to watch is the EVF market for videographers.  These devices are certainly not cheap, but price may continue to drop and given their module nature, it looks like it would be feasible for a motivated hobbyist or developer to create a driver using an Arduino or Raspberry Pi module.

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