Re: 3d-printed stereoscope update


> Comparing the resolution of stand alone VR viewers running on Android is, I think, not fair

My references are not to VR headsets but to 3D movie viewers.  These use the entire display and pixels to apply to a minimum 16:9 image area having minimum FHD capability.  They are:

* Cinera Prime
* Goovis Pro 3D
* TCL wearable display

None of these are VR headsets.

> If you want to make a enclosure of a viewer of plastic, and it will be a complicated one, you have to deal with mould costs of at least 20.000 Euro's for each part

Not so.  I have a friend and colleague here that can make low-cost molds and castings from 3D printed originals that look like they were produced by a large manufacturing plant.  His main line of business is in fact producing high quality resin copies of 3D printed originals which he first refinishes to remove all trace of the 3D printing process - leaving a professional finish.

> 3D printing is one of the affordable new production methods to solve the need of very low series custom build 3D stuff

I am not discounting 3D printing per se.  What I question is the need for a modular viewer rather than one for a single purpose.  The modular design involves extra parts and therefore extra costs. As I pointed out, most people want a digital only viewer.  So there is no logic in making the viewer modular just to accommodate the very few that might want an MF viewer.  Better make one single design for each use.

> connecting it to your computer or other sources with more reasonable lower magnification.

From descriptions I read the TCL will connect to a computer or phone.  But an app can also play the content.

> But that is part of this community to encourage and to comment on things

That's what a discussion forum is for.  But a lot of people fear voicing a different opinion because they know there will always be someone to chastise them for it.

I don't mean to discourage Matej.  I told him from the onset that I was impressed with his work.  But looking at his current proposal, I would be very curious to know just how many people would prefer a very elaborate modular system over a simple viewer that does just what the buyer requires...


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