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The Los Angeles 3D Club ( ARCHIVES

Did you know that the LA3DClub has an online archive of images, past newsletters and all kinds of history?

Our club was founded in 1955 as The Stereo Club of Southern California (SCSC). In more recent years the name was changed to the LA3DClub, to match the club web site name, and to bring it up to date. Over the years, when a a new club President began her, or his, term, she or he, inherited a number of boxes consisting of the club "archives". Contained in these boxes were copies of minutes from past club board meetings, membership lists, past club newsletters, assorted paper documents and correspondence.

Today this archive consists of three large plastic bins. As your Club Archivists we have been scanning all of these materials and they are available online, plus a lot more. You will find a link on the Home Page at the bottom of the center column. You may also get to the pages directly with the following URL: 

Here is a guide to the categories that you will find there:

1) The Home Page - Here you will find a brief history of the club, an invitation to join, and some 3D photos to look at. Note that ALL of the 3D photos on this site are in Left-Right-Left format for free-viewing or cross-eye viewing. They may be enlarged to full screen size by putting your cursor over the image and clicking on it.

2) SCSC/LA3D Presidents - This page has a list of all of the past club Presidents, and the years that they served. There are also 3D pictures of, or by, each President that we were able to find images for. Only a couple of people are missing.

3) 3D Images BY members - Here you will find a large number of wonderful 3D images BY club members past and present. Some of the images were even taken back in the 1950s! This page is constantly being added to, so visit it often!

4) 3D pix of banquets - Over the years the club has had many Awards and Holiday banquets. Here you will find a large selection of 3D images from these events, taken by many different club members over the years.
5) 3D pix of meetings - This section is filled with 3D pictures of the club members who have attended past club meetings and special events sponsored by the club. Like the other sections, this will continually be added to.

6) MORE - Don't overlook the MORE button! There are 8 MORE categories to be found in this section:

7) 3D Movie Division - Although it is no longer called this, November 6, 1982 was the first meeting of what became the Stereo Club 3D Movie Division inspired by Dr. John Hart. This was a chance for the club members who were shooting Super 8 and 16mm 3D films to share their equipment, expertise, and to show their 3D films. With the introduction of the Toshiba 3D Video camera in the 1980s, almost everyone switched to this VHS-C video format that used wired electronic shutter glasses for viewing. This evolved into the current digital 3D video formats that are easily made with the many 3D video cameras that were made around the 2010s, and with the Fuji 3D cameras, which can take both digital 3D stills and videos.

8) Ray Zone Memorial Tribute - Ray Zone was a past President of the club (1986-88), and spent the last 30 years of his life exclusively making a living producing 3-D Comic books, doing 3D art conversion, writing books on the history of 3D cinema and 3D film making, and as a well-regarded 3D historian, with published articles too numerous to mention. After his passing in 2012 the club had a special memorial tribute to him held at the Downtown Independent Theater. This page has many photos from that event, as well as many photos of Ray. His passing was a major loss to the 3D community. RIP Ray!

9) Pix OF Members - Our members are the heart of what makes our club so special, and this section includes 2D and 3D pictures of many members over the years, at many different events and locations. For sheer fun do not miss visiting this section!

10) Past Newsletters - If you want to learn the history of our club, this is the most important section of the Club Archives. The PDF files from 1955 to 1984 contain board meeting minutes, membership lists, miscellaneous notes, by-laws of the club, competition rules, auction rules, and newsletters. The first occurrence of a "News Bulletin" is in September 1961. "News Bulletin" continued until October 1968, when the first issue of "3-D News" with a header appeared. PDFs for the "3-D News" newsletters ONLY begin with the 1985 year. Earlier years of "3-D News" appear with other materials (minutes and other papers) in those years folders.

11) Minutes, Treasury Reports, Membership Lists and Miscellaneous Papers - Starting with the 1955 year, which contains the announcement of the very first meeting of the 3D club on Thursday, July 21st, 1955, 8 o'clock P.M. at Plummer Park, 7377 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, this section is another place to explore the history of our club, and the names of past members.

12) Technical, How-to, Historical articles - Not to be missed in this section are Charlie Piper's "Technical Pages" : 107 installments of the technical articles that he wrote for the club's "3-D News". Although these were written in the days when we were all taking 3D photos on film, the principles discussed are still relevant, and there is a wealth of interesting material there. There are also copies of the instruction manuals for two of the most popular of the 1950s stereo cameras, the Stereo Realist and Kodak Stereo. There are also some guides for beginners, and articles on historic 3D subjects.

13) 3D images OF Bored Meetings - Affectionately, it has been a long tradition to refer to the club's Board Meetings as "Bored Meetings". Here you will find a 3D photo documentation of many of the board meetings that we have had over the years.

14) Contact - The Los Angeles 3D Club Archives will constantly be a work in progress as new information and photos are discovered or sent to us. On this page you will find the contact information on where to submit items to be considered for adding to the archive pages. If you have ANYTHING that you think would be good for the archive, please send it in!

Enjoy the LA 3D Club Archives!

Susan Pinsky & David Starkman
Club Archivists
June 2021
(some 3D images from the Archives):


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