Re: Twin camera Overlapping/Staggering

John Clement

While to first order it can be corrected, second order effects still remain, but they may not be obvious.  There will be a slight disparity due to change in size of objects near or far.  You cannot correct both.  In addition there will be a difference in the amount of image hidden in the background on each side of a near object.  There should be only small artifacts for objects far away, but there is also little depth for them.  There is no way to get a correct 2 eye shot with this configuration, but you should be able to get one that is good enough, as long as you don’t do extreme closeups.


John M. Clement


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This kind of configuration puzzled me a lot when I thought about it while leaning how to align pairs, but I also concluded that it could be corrected.


What help me a lot to have an intuitive understanding of what I saw in the equations, was to figure out that the actual base was not the one you drew, but the alternative B' here:

Considering this one (which joins the two nodes of the lenses), you can understand how/why the deformations you noticed are valid for a good stereoscopic result, even if the field of view is a bit odd compared to classical side by side position. This is equivalent to what Antonio said.


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