Re: Possible to use Samsung NX1000 triggers with Canon SDM (and vice versa)?

Werner Bloos

No, this is not possible!
Here is how the Samsung remote control works: a resistor connected to the USB ID pin switches the data pins to focus/shoot whereas a SDM remote control does not have any focs/shoot pins, instead focusing and shooting is done by applying 5V to the USB power pins (and controlled by the SDM software). So these are two totally different methods of triggering the cameras.

In fact it would be possible to connect a wireless trigger to a SDM system by connecting either focus or shoot pin plus GND parallel to the SDM trigger push button (but not by simply connecting any adaptors - you need to solder these connections) but i would never run this with a wireless trigger plus two separate receivers (one for each camera) since this would totally destroy the excellent synch of a SDM setup! So don't do this! You should always use a wired connection for SDM triggering both cameras via a cable - you may extend these cables even up to 100m each (but for such long cables you need to use higher voltage for triggering to compensate the voltage drop due to the higher cable resistance).


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