Re: 3d-printed stereoscope update

Matej Bohac

Hi Paul,

Yes, that's my goal - to make both of the body types with different focal lengths match all of the attachments.

However, your viewer and attachment is different - you have the previous type designed specifically for the phone...



On 6/10/21 7:18 PM, Paul Gillis wrote:
I have enjoyed using the A5 holder for med. format transparencies. However, The 100 mm FL lenses really do not provide the "in-your-face" viewing experience that shorter lenses do.  (But they seem perfect for viewing the XZ Premium's screen.)  If you build a body with 80 mm FL lenses, can it be designed to work well with both the phone & the (50 x 50 mm aperture) transparencies?
--Paul Gillis

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