Re: 3d-printed stereoscope update

Matej Bohac

Thanks. To be clear, this is the current state of the project:

B1: (100 mm FL body) - available
L1, L2: (100 mm lenses) - available
A1: (versatile phone holder) - available
A2: available for the XZ Premium, Z5 Premium to follow soon.
A3: (2×1440×1440 displays) - please see the message I posted several minutes ago
A4: (MF LED back light) - work in progress, available later this year
A5: (MF steal-the-light) - available

B1: (80 mm FL body) - work in progress

I would ask around $200 for the stereoscope body (B) and $50 to $100 for the available attachments (A), just the "A4" LED light will have to be more expensive.

The 100mm achromatic lenses (L1) cost around $130/pair from the supplier (Jeroen de Wijs in the Netherlands) (inc. VAT). The quality is excellent.

With best regards,


On 6/10/21 6:02 AM, Matthew Infante wrote:
Sign me up as well. This very exciting!
Matt Infante

On Jun 9, 2021, at 10:58 PM, Depthcam via <> wrote:

Amazing project.

I like very much the idea of a high rez display that can be connected as an extra computer monitor.

And great idea to have wider lenses.


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