3d-printed stereoscope update

Matej Bohac

Dear friends,

Over a year ago I created a 3D-printed stereoscope, specifically designed for the Sony XZ Premium 4K phone. Although I believe that this discontinued phone still has the best screen available for the purpose, I worked on an 'update' of the stereoscope in the past months. It evolved into a modular system with interchangeable components.

- there is an option to use ANY smartphone now
- I experimented with a dual high resolution display that can be connected to a computer
- there is a steal-the-light MF slide module and I am working on a battery powered back light
- I am experimenting with shorter FL lenses

I just finished a diagram with an overview of the system:

I would be happy to provide more information in case of interest...

With best regards,

Matej Bohac

Prague, Czechia

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