Re: Mars in 3D VR experience

Bob Aldridge

OK. Now I get decent sized images presented as if I am in a cube with windows on the four vertical sides, and I see different image through the windows. I can change the views by looking at the "navigation buttons" until, after a circle has been drawn around the wanted arrow, the view will image will change.

A few of the images are a bit difficult to view - often they are fine in the foreground, but unfuseable in the distance... But even so, an impressive resource!

Well done

Bob Aldridge

On 07/06/2021 17:00, Wm Turner wrote:
Hi Bob, you’ll have to click on the white icon that looks like glasses. If you want the music you’ll have to unmute before you click the glasses icon. I’ve tested in Firefox VR and it works fine, the navigation controls are near the ground and you trigger them by looking at them. Hope this helps

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