Focus problem with twin rig #cameras-issues #3d-cameras

allen KC2KLC

Don't know if this is the best place for my question, but I don't see a twin rig Canon group (looks like there is/was a twin rig Samsung group that appears to be inactive). I bought a Canon A570 IS twin rig setup using SDM software quite some time ago; it had several problems, most of which I've remedied. The only remaining issue is this: The lower right-hand portion of pictures taken with one of the cameras (doesn't matter if it's configured as the left or right) is out-of-focus. This is very consistent (every shot). I know what you're thinking - clean the lens! But I did - and the curious thing is, if I take out the SDM card, put in a blank card, and use it as a regular camera, it does not exhibit this focus problem.

I'm at a loss to imagine how this is possible. Does anyone have any ideas - or suggestions as to what would be a better forum to ask this in? Thanks!


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