Re: Need help using an Olympus camera with a Panasonic stereo lens #macro #cameras-issues

Jeff Ewen

I have added a column for the availability of a hot shoe for flash synchronisation.  Models from GF3 onward in that series have an inbuilt pop-up flash.  The feature ratings come from a website called Camera decision.  The Image Sensor scoring is from the DXOMark website.  These are all constantly changing as newer (better) sensors are released and they try to maintain a 0 to 100 scale.

The measurement/consideration of scores for features needs to be adjusted for the their application to the Panasonic H-FT012 lens.  I have both G7 and G85 cameras.  The later I obtained for the Image Stabilisation feature and it being the last compatible model with a hot shoe.

With wanting to digress from the topic at hand, I am experimenting with various LED Lights.  I have a KuangRen flash unit that has at times aggravated the occasional bee.  I obtained a cheap 48 LED flash/ring light that I attached to an adapter similar to your tube adaptor.  There is a more recent version that I am waiting for next week that used 160 LEDs and approximates daylight (Neewer R-160 160 Pieces 5600K 10W Mini LED Macro Ring Light with 6 Adapter Rings) that will require a similar adaptor.  These are lights as opposed to a flash, but at around $30 each it is worth a try.


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