Re: Lume Pad now supports MPO and JPS, and automatic SBS detection - #software #formats #android #mpo

Bob Aldridge

Great! It's one of those problems that's easy to fix if it's been thought about - and impossible if it hasn't!

Bob Aldridge

On 07/05/2021 20:29, Nima wrote:
Great question Bob. Our data shows that it gets full width SBS right 99.6% of the time or more, and gets half width right about 97% of the time or more.

In those rare cases it gets it wrong, it’s very easy to change the “3D tagging” right from the image. And if it failed to add a 3D tag where there should be one (e.g. an SBS slipped through the cracks) you can easily add the tag yourself with a couple taps. No manual file renaming needed ever again!

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