Re: Lume Pad now supports MPO and JPS, and automatic SBS detection - #software #formats #android #mpo

Bob Aldridge

That's really good!

But how easy is it to over-ride e.g. the half-width detection in the (hopefully rare) occasions when it gets it wrong? (Increasingly, sequential vertical images are taken with phones that can have similar proportions to squeezed pairs when stored as HSBS pairs)

Bob Aldridge

On 07/05/2021 08:44, Nima wrote:

Hi everyone,

We had received some feedback from enthusiasts on this forum and elsewhere about supporting MPO and JPS images, so I wanted to let you know we added support for them on Lume Pad. Now they display automatically in 3D when you open them in the LeiaPlayer app. There are a few other features we've added as well, including automatic detection of SBS (full width and half width) images.

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