Re: Ingenuity on Mars in 3D, first flight

JMH/trivision3d : Hi, TKS Jack in wait to have 2D video cha-cha in 3D stereo from martian poor air... cam on it too I believe.
When we see what can be done with drones
See synchronous of two drones (flight order with one hand) at 11.45mn... we could imagine to us it for hyper stereo base.

Le 20/04/2021 à 06:50, JackDesBwa|3D a écrit :

It looks like the first flight of Ingenuity on Mars was recorded in stereo (preview below)
Only a few frames are available in the public repository for the moment (SOL58), but since the NASA was able to assemble a video, we could imagine that the other frames will become available soon.


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