Update of the viewer of Stereopix



I updated the viewer of Stereopix today.

Visible new features
Most of the changes are internal, but there are two visible features:
1) The addition of mirrored viewing modes
2) A drop-down menu on the overlay to load another version of the image if specified. Typically, it allows to load the UHD version on Stereopix (remember that we can zoom in the image too).

There is also a possible fix with Chrome on high density screens, but not tested.

Embedded viewer
For users who use the embedded viewer, some features are also available: (some are in early stage)
1) New input modes [the images are not limited to SBS anymore, and the input format can change from one image to the other e.g. sbs then monoscopic then over-under]
2) New projection modes (VR180-3D and VR360-3D, that are equirectangular images [position of left/right images set by the input mode] with 180°×180° or 360°×180° field of view) [and they can be mixed with rectilinear images in the same list]. The UI for this is limited (keys 2,4,6,8 like the ones used to move the rectilinear images), but it should work in the VR headsets.
3) Video. The UI is very limited (space to play/pause and arrows to seek forward and backward). I am not totally satisfied by the implementation.
4) Ability to go to a specific image by name (by script)

Also, notice that the first interface with the path of the image in the URL of the viewer page itself is deprecated (anyway, there was no access in 2021 with this). Prefer the script way (already available before) with the new address which in addition gives better network time responses (cached).

The examples are updated to avoid this deprecated way, but examples of the new features are not written yet. The documentation about the new features of the viewer is also updated (except for one feature right now).

On the website, you might like the new viewer page (linked in home page) that allows to use the viewer with an image on your computer [without uploading it; works with drag&drop] or from an URL [as long as the conditions to load such resource are met; otherwise you could still download it and use the file method]

Other big changes were that the script to dynamically edit the pages without reloading them entirely was improved (but you would probably not see it) and the update of the documentation already mentioned.

New bugs
As always, let me know if you see bugs in the viewer or errors in the text of the site.

Have fun with this.


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