Re: New 3D lens announced

Barry Aldous

Perhaps I should explain a few of things.  I am aware of and possess many of the options available  including those once produced by Cyclopital3D.  I personally use a Panasonic GX-7 with versions of the Lumix 3D lens and on occasions, a  Zeiss Stereotar 842.  The Stereotar out performs all other adapters I have tried, including those produced by Franc and Pentax. 

I also use a Canon 5D MkII with a home made stereo adapter, similar to that once produced by Kula, using 4 first surface mirrors.  I would suggest to Oktay that he follows the Kula route for the adapter, using a dedicated prime lens to match the camera.  The concept of extending the stereo base of the Lumix 3D lens is a non starter in my view.

Regarding Keystone distortion, I have found that SPM corrects this very well.  The bigger problem with all these adapters is the inherent narrow field of view - no wide angle potential.  Fortunately, we do have the Fuji W3 and Panasonic 3D1 to work with, if they can be found.

I shall be glad to answer any questions relating to twinned rigs and their synchronisation.

Barry A  

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