Re: New 3D lens announced


On Fri, Apr 2, 2021 at 04:12 AM, Barry Aldous wrote:
Extending the stereo base of a cameras with two lenses will result in a very large assembly

I'd like to point your attention to the Leitz Stemar and the Zeiss Stereotar C - both produced in the fifties by legendary manufacturers.  Both use a twin-lens module that mounts on a regular camera body and both feature a compact prism base extender for taking shots with a normal base.

I don't yet know exactly what Oktay has in mind.  But I know that OKtay has experience with 3D camera and 3D lens design that spans many decades. I use to correspond with him back in the eighties when he showed me several custom 3D lenses and cameras of his own creation.  So I remain curious to see what he will come up with.

Stereo converters for single lenses (unless they reorient the optical axis for head to head recording) introduce strong opposite keystone distortion; so I avoid them altogether.

The goal of using a stereo adapter is seldom to replace a stereo camera or rig.  It is primarily a matter of convenience.  For example, many people here use the Lumix 3D lens for close-ups.  If they could carry along a simple lightweight adapter, they could use the same camera and optics for the occasional normal range shot.  That may be what Oktay has in mind - or not.   I don't know yet.

Let's wait till Oktay has shown us his prototype before jumping to conclusions.


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