Re: Rokit 3D phones

Bob Aldridge

Yes. I can confirm this. In addition it has two separate sim sockets and a micro SD card socket, so it can be used as dual sim at the same time as have storage on a micro SD card. That's pretty rare even in 2D phones!

Sadly, the rest of the phone isn't particularly good. I was using one during the Akron NSA convention and all too often couldn't get a phone signal let alone 4G data (it's a US spec phone - the UK spec phone does 4G in Europe but not in the USA and vice versa for the US spec phone)

So it sits in a drawer most of the time...

Bob Aldridge

On 01/04/2021 23:35, robert mcafee via wrote:
I believe the Rokit io 3D (not io Pro 3D) has a user replaceable battery. Someone in England on this group reported they had to install the battery in that phone when purchased.  I do not have personal experience with that model to confirm. Also it is lower resolution than the Pro model

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