Re: Happy birthday


Happy birthday to Stereopix again!
It is its second anniversary.

The website currently hosts 1194 photos thanks to 86 registered users (a few have not published yet).
In addition, we should thank the 24 people who gave a tip (or several tips for some of them) since the launch to help me in this project, as well as those who helped me to test some functionalities or bug fixes.

Here is a map of the connections to Stereopix in 2020: (extracted from the animated version
- red: an image was published
- green: possibly a human
- orange: looks like a robot
Like for the image of last year, the positions are estimated from the IPs and might be wrong.

And the more or less filtered traffic over the 2nd year: (a lot of robots and suspicious traffic removed from the graph)
I will renew the rent of the server at the end of the month.
There are still tons of improvements in my head, but I have to find time to implement them.

Happy sharing on Stereopix.


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