Re: Rokit 3D phones

Dariush Radpour

"Ghosting is caused by the viewing system, not the photograph.  The author complains of ghosting, but I would submit that viewing an SBS print in a Holmes viewer or in a good VR headset would get rid of the ghosting.  The Mickey photo would pose problems if it were displayed on a large screen, so the solution is to have the horizontal alignment adjusted to prevent wide separation of the background.  Mickey might then pop out.  Ghosting is obvious when you have images with very high contrast between light and dark areas with wide horizontal separation between L&R.  That is why the author saw ghosting in the car and Mickey images."

The ghosting problem is a very complex issue and depends on the endless factors!
It depends on your screen color set-up 
it depends if your ana-glasses are matched with your screen set-up
it depends if your printer's set-up is matched with your glasses
it depends on your experience to avoid too much strong light and shade contrast zones in your image close to each other and..
it depends that you kow how to use the de-ghosting method with photoshop.

cheers to all,


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