Re: Rokit 3D phones


I found the article very interesting.  I did not at all get the impression that the author prefers the images resulting from the use of depth maps.  He pointed out artifacts as well as some depth errors.  His point is that it is much easier to edit a single picture before applying the depth map than to try and edit left and right images separately.  He is not saying that a single picture + depth map can replace a twin lens approach but that, in situations where you only have your phone with a single lens, if it can produce a depth map, then a fairly acceptable 3D picture can be obtained from it.

This is exactly the same as Looking Glass has been pointing out in the marketing of their Looking Glass Portrait.  They argue that most modern phones can record a depth map and that it can be used to generate multiple views that are then displayed as a hologram using their product.  But even they point out the result is not perfect and suggest the use of a slide bar for serious work.

So the point is not to suggest that 2D cameras with depth maps are just as good as a 3D camera but that - given this tech is available on most modern phones - one might as well take advantage of it when there is no other option.


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