Re: Stereopix ROOMS YouTube Video #ROOMS


Hello KenK,
Thanks for the video.
You have a LG tv in de demo. Rooms on TV makes it very attractive for club meetings.
My LG TV cannot show (Room-) Stereopix pictures in interlaced mode correctly. Also not from webpages with a html5 viewer.
The tv checked its LG update. I assume the browser is outdated for interlaced. The lines do not fit. It also did not pick up the Rooms control of the room "ddd": name: Unknown; connected: No. My phone could connect easily.
I guess it is not only my tv with this browser problem!
Other experiences? Tips? Anyone!

I can only get it right when the TV is HDMI cable connected to a laptop and runs as a second monitor. Then it works fine with Stereopix and Rooms and with html5 viewers in web browsers.


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