Stereopix ROOMS YouTube Video #ROOMS


This 5 minute YouTube video shows what Stereopix ROOMS does and the basics of using it for stereoscopic 3d presentations.
Stereopix ROOMS synchronized stereoscopic viewer created by JackDesBwa. 
Example JSON input file at the following link:

Information in this video can be used by anyone at any time to try out ROOMS and test its use with their stereoscopic viewing devices.

Short Description of how to use Stereopix ROOMS on a Zoom call:
The Presenter would screen share their display window via Zoom. In this manner those individuals that ARE NOT using ROOMS could see and hear the presentation with the Presenter's images shown.
However, those Participants that ARE using ROOMS would be able to view the 3D presentation on their preferred stereoscopic device while listening to the presentation audio via Zoom.

Note that this video was recorded on January 30. 2021.
The user interface may be modified in the future but the basic functions should remain the same.


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