Re: Phereo - revival and community support


Sorry, I was talking about informed news from Alex Savin.
In particular, he said « I'll have another catch up with the founder and the developer soon, so stay tuned! » on July 21.
We need to know technical details before considering other aspects in my opinion, as they will orient some decisions.

About sponsorship, I think that it is less robust than direct patronage of interested people, especially if the costs can be covered by them.
For Stereopix, this model works and would continue for I think at least 10'000 more photos if the frequentation does not go up wildly.
Of course, this is because we do not have to pay people to work on it, otherwise it would have missed thousands.
In my case, the little extra will serve, after it slowly stacks up, to fund other stereoscopic projects I have (that you will probably be excited about, but I do not want to share before I am sure it can be done).


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