Re: I've joined the club - Oculus Quest 2


In the meantime, I'll be attempting in-game cha-chas like Roger. Anyone have other 3D capture methods? It's too bad that Oculus Mirror Compositor doesn't appear to work with Quest.

Since Quest2 is based on Android, you could possibly use the native recorder of this OS in console through the developer tools.

In this link, they say how to stream video (you need to record the sound separately if you want it) with the USB link, but you could probably switch to wireless or record a file in the headset by adapting the command (see docs of "adb tcpip" & "adb connect" for the first, doc of "screenrecord" for the second). See also the doc of "screencap" for a simple screenshot.

My guess is that the captured surface will be after the shader that compensate for lenses distortions is applied, so that you might need to correct the barrel if you want a classical stereophotograph. A bit of work, but perfectly synced.


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