Re: Vegas Pro Floating Windows


On Mon, Dec 28, 2020 at 10:29 PM, Etienne Monneret (Perso) wrote:
I was looking at your propositions and studying your questions for a long time, without finding a really nice solution to your so-large parallax.
1) I've solved the MAPP (maximum allowable positive parallax) problem for typical 3D computer monitors. 1/30th of the screen width works great. Since my monitor's screen is 27.5 inches wide, I will start using a maximum of 1/30th of 27.5 inches of positive parallax

2) Hopefully, people who are projecting stereoscopic images on a "larger" screen know how to avoid eye divergence by adjusting the positive parallax.

3) My remaining problem is how to best deal with left and right edge stereo window edge violations. I'm still working on a solution, and ignoring them might be the best and easiest option.

Hope this helps.

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