Re: new desperateBeauty 3D music video: Flower (live)


On 22/12/2020 10:37, gl wrote:
It does ghost on highlights on my monitors, but it's not too bad here.  I'll look into if the colour separation got damaged along the way, but in general red will ghost a little on sRGB monitors as their reds normally contain some green light (ie. they're a little orange rather than pure deep red).
I just checked the R and BG channels of a YouTube screenshot in Photoshop - as you said, the red is pure, but the BG are compromised.  Thanks for the the headsup, will try to fix (depending where the issue is).

On 22/12/2020 11:46, Etienne Monneret (Perso) wrote:
At this hour, for me, this video is playing SBS without the 3D-analgpyh choice:
That one works for me right now.

On 22/12/2020 11:46, Etienne Monneret (Perso) wrote:
This video, at the same time, is playing as anaglyph, but with extra borders added according to the SBS twice size:
Yes I'm seeing the same.

On 22/12/2020 11:46, Etienne Monneret (Perso) wrote:
While the same videos, embedded at the bottom of this page, are both properly playing as anaglyph, without any extra black borders:
Yes they seem fine too.  But if you seek them, is shows you a SBS preview.  Weird.

All these things are fixable, but I'm not holding my breath.

I looked into one of Roger's videos a few weeks ago, and while the lower resolutions worked, the 1080p resolution had both anaglyph views completely misaligned, it was completely broken.  So I just can't recommend YT3D right now.
gl  (desperateBeauty)

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