Re: 3De Very promising Stereo Video #alignment #videogames

Etienne Monneret (Perso)

In fact, there is one case where you would need it, even with a perfect hardware: with an hyper-stereo near first plan. When shooting from too near positions for the first plan regarding the space between lens (too large for that distance), parts of the image will be nearer on one side than the other side, and when say nearer say larger. You will then be obliged to balance the alignment to keep with these larger/smaller parts, as we did with the Spider-Man example.

Yes, this sort of too-near objects produce retinal rivalry. My recipe is masking them out. STMANI3 has feature for this as shows this example from the STMANI3 user's manual where an unwanted rock appears in the right image:


I was speaking about hyper-stereo objects in near foreground. But, this rock is not a stereo at all.


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