Re: 3De Very promising Stereo Video #alignment #videogames

Antonio F.G.

On Fri, Nov 27, 2020 at 05:06 AM, Etienne Monneret (Perso) wrote:
If they have local deformations they are not very well aligned.

It depends on the quality of the source.

If this is a cha-cha, you may have important local deformations.

With stereo dedicated hardware, you may have time shift, lens differences, bad aligned mirrors, focal or zoom differences.

There are many reasons why an original may not be perfect!

I view 3De as a very promising application to generate video from stereo stills. Not so much for stereo aligning because I trust better my own STMANI3, which does a better alignment job than SPM, if only because with STMANI3 I can control the placement of the matching points and also have better control of the alignment variables than SPM provides.
All my SBS are (almost:-) perfectly aligned in the whole scene, so I intend to use them as a source for your very promising 3De. This why I believe that only X alignment (stereo depth) may be relevant for the video zooming and overlays.

Granted, it is not possible to align moving scenes not shot synchronously. Perhaps here does make sense the 3De feature of aligning local areas. Also STMANI3 can not (yet) align images with gross lens distortions, though there are ways to solve this. Any other miss-shooting can be perfectly aligned with an appropriate perspective transformation.


In fact, there is one case where you would need it, even with a perfect hardware: with an hyper-stereo near first plan. When shooting from too near positions for the first plan regarding the space between lens (too large for that distance), parts of the image will be nearer on one side than the other side, and when say nearer say larger. You will then be obliged to balance the alignment to keep with these larger/smaller parts, as we did with the Spider-Man example.

Yes, this sort of too-near objects produce retinal rivalry. My recipe is masking them out. STMANI3 has feature for this as shows this example from the STMANI3 user's manual where an unwanted rock appears in the right image:


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