Re: 3De Very promising Stereo Video #alignment #videogames

Antonio F.G.

On Thu, Nov 26, 2020 at 04:41 AM, Etienne Monneret (Perso) wrote:
You are speaking about horizontal disparity. But, on some stereos, you
may have a well-aligned whole image having some local deformations.
If they have local deformations they are not very well aligned.

When zooming on these details, you may need to completely re-align the
zoomed sub-part. This is here where the "Automatic alignment" button takes a
great part of its interest!
OK, but it only makes sense if the original SBS are poorly aligned

For example, in the Spider-Man case, you may have a well-align whole
video, but it's very hard to get it properly with a well-aligned
Spider-Man (in fact, the background seems to be a simple flat
Spider-Man is a composition of two stereo pairs: the background and the
Spider-Man proper. If each pair were perfectly aligned in the origin, then
the composition of the man overlaying the background would be perfectly
aligned as well.
The composition would surely require adjusting the depth of the Spider-Man
respect the background, because it would be bad if it appeared behind the
background, and it would also be bad if it appeared too much in front. This
is where I believe your "X" control in "Alignement" makes sense. They also
make sense the "X", "Y" and "D" of "Placement" because they do not spoil the
alignment, they only control the position and the zoom of the complete overlay.

But frankly, I would not use the "Y", "L", "H" and "R" of "Alignement"
because they spoil the vertical alignment, and it is very difficult to assess
the error visually.

Your explanations may be a bit confusing because there are two X tuning:

- the horizontal stereo shift in the Alignment configuration
- the horizontal position in the Placement configuration
OK, I understand the first for adjusting the depth of an image respect the
window, and the second for displacing both stereo sides at the same time
(I guess for placing overlays)


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