Re: Viewing With Tethered VR Headset


Since you don't have a "real system" to test, this may be difficult to understand, but the Pigasus VR Media Player has an image resize option, which is handy if you are wanting to see a 90 degree field of view. The images in Stereopix appear to have a wider field of view (110 degrees?), which seems to be degrading the image quality.

FYI, if I increase the field of view in the Pigasus VR Media Player to 110 degrees wide or more, I can see a similar image degradation as the images in Stereopix.

I do not understand.

With the numbers, if I understand well what I did, the current version is supposed to use 45.6° vertical field of view, and the horizontal field of view is constrained by the image ratio (for example 73.5° for a 16:9 image, 80.1° for 2:1 which is the maximum on Stereopix) ; assuming that the cameras inserted by the device in the virtual world match its own physical field of view. In the units of the program, it is a plane of 4.2m height centered on the head and located at 5m away from the viewer, and the camera is controlled by the device. That said, I do not know what would be a good median size; this one sounds large, but good feedback was given before. I could add buttons similar to the left/right ones to adjust the size when I will work on the viewer again.

The image quality on the other hand is very probably due to the definition of the image (and thus its angular resolution when projected on the virtual screen). Currently, the image is limited to 960px height, which is between HD and FullHD in commercial terminology. Again, a button to switch to full quality (which is limited to something similar to UltraHD on the platform if provided by the author) is planned.


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